The Picasso Experiment

PICASSO Presentations & Posters

Dark Matter search with PICASSO,  TAUP 2011, September 7, Munich, Germany

Results from the PICASSO Experiment, B. Beltran, TAUP 2009, July 2, Rome, Italy 

The PICASSO Dark Matter Search, A. Davour, IDM 2008, AlbaNova Stockholm, Sweden

PICASSO Poster; B. BeltrÓn; 2008 Conference on Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics, Christchurch, New Zealand

PICASSO poster;   Detector principle & calibration; TRIUMF Summer School 2007; by R. Faust  [pdf, 4.1 MB]

PICASSO Poster;   General poster for SNOLAB inauguration in 2005   [ppt, 2.4 MB]

Dark Matter; V. Zacek; Review article; Proc. of the 2007 Lake Louise Winter Institute, March 2007;  arXive:0707.0472 [pdf, 614 kB]

Dark Matter; part I / II Lake Louise Winter Institute, March 2007  [ppt,  6 MB/18 MB]

The Milky way according to NASA's Spitzer telescope is a bar galaxy with two prominent arms, moving in a cloud of Dark Matter.
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